Hello Beautiful Yogini,


Welcome to Mond Women, a semi private yoga space for women. Mond meaning moon, the yoga I teach within my feminine studio specialises in the movement of womens bodies, cycles and life experiences.

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When you come to any of my classes or workshops you, your body, your experiences and your movement is my focus. I specialise in yoga for hormone health, fertility, the cycles of menstruation (and aligning suitable yoga to your cycle rhythm), pelvic floor work, birth-work, mind-body awareness as well as strengthening and lengthening specific to womens bodies. My intention is to hold a space to nurture women, offering time for themselves; cherishing how hard this can be. 


My intimate and specialised classes are dedicated to accomodate no more than 4 women at one time; welcoming all bodies and levels of experience. Here we will move in a feminine and flowing way to build strength, release tight and tired bodies, recover from injury, chronic fatigue, yoga for menstruation and cycle connection, pregnancy and preparing for birth, postnatal recovery, fertility, anxiety, wellness for mothers (with children of all ages), perimenopausal and menopausal poses for relieving symptoms. 

Stay in touch through instagram and my mail out to attend womens circles, Mamas circles, and classes dedicated to full and dark moon energy; aligning your cycle or simply your months intentions to the moon.


Welcome to Mond Women. I invite you to join my community of incredible women.


Love Monique Xx