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Vinyasa is a strong flow of yoga that connects breath to movement.


The union of challenging holds, movement that flows and breath means that this style of yoga is extremely beneficial for breath control, anxiety, weight loss, core and body strength. This yoga will challenge you while teaching you about new poses, joy in yoga, short meditations and mindfulness that you can use in your everyday.

Little Things Yoga offers 60 - 90 min classes which begin and end with gentle mediation and breathing practices or pranayama. In this as I do in all my teaching of yoga, I start from the ground up so experienced or not, you will learn something new when training with me in this way. 

Vinyasa classes are offered in a variety of ways at Little Things Yoga, the classes are as follows:

Low Flow Release | 

This class is for opening and releasing in the body, be it the hips, shoulders, psoas or simply to allow for your mind to slow down as we lengthen and soften through the body. This class is for all ages and all bodies. No prior yoga experience needed.


Flow For Core | 

Concentrating on your power centre, building core strength and back support. This class offers traditional vinyasa sequencing, focusing on the core and pelvic floor. It is suggested that any previous yoga experience is helpful, but as in all LTY classes, the class has feminine flow and alignment cues throughout. Please advise your teacher if you are pregnant or menstruating when attending this class - we will simply offer you some alternative poses to benefit you.


Flow For All | 

This could be considered the beginners or intermediate class at LTY but it is also a class for anyone that wants to come to enjoy yoga at a slower pace. For all Yoginis at all levels, revisiting the essentials of the Vinyasa practice through feminine flow.

Flow For The Strong Hearted | 

Strong Vinyasa flow. Challenging; enhancing your practice through movement, core & balance. This class teaches arm balances and more challenging sequencing, initially with feminine flow, transforming into the traditional masculine Vinyasa with feminine elements peppered throughout. As in most LTY classes we will address and teach poses to optimise your pelvic floor strength and sequence rest for the end of class in a restorative and restful pose. It is advised that you advise your teacher if you are pregnant or menstruating when attending this class - we will simply offer you some alternative poses to benefit you. 


Private or Duet or Corporate classes are also available.


Perimenopausal & Menopausal Yoga | 

Poses and flow to specifically ease symptoms of Menopause. Suitable for all levels - no prior experience needed. Please contact Little Things Yoga should you like to enquire further and discuss what you would like to achieve from the class.


Fertility & Preconception Yoga |  

In a world where there is incredible pressure on us to get results, trying to conceive can be a stressful time. To aid fertility, our class creates a welcoming, supportive and loving space for those on their path to having their baby journey to them. Meditation and yoga poses are sequenced for each class, that are both restorative and specific to enhancing fertility and relaxation. Contact LTY if you are interested in yoga for fertility, preconception or hormone balancing yoga. Also go to the workshops page as we intermittently will be running workshop courses for fertility yoga.


Chronic Fatigue & Adrenal Fatigue | 

Contact LTY if you are interested in yoga for Chronic Fatigue or Adrenal Fatigue, we can also suggest classes to attend from the timetable but if you contact us we can ensure there are poses aligned to the sequence just for you and your needs. Alternatively private classes are available and too if you go to the workshops page as we intermittently will be running workshop courses for CF and AF yoga.


Being a Mother I love nothing more than working with other mothers either on their journey to birth or after

Both periods of time in a woman's life are so unique but also can be vulnerable. In my teaching I offer strength as well as relaxation for both stages for a mother.

In prenatal exercise it is so important to work in subtle strategies to help our mum-to-be's become ready for mental and physical challenges that lie ahead.

Prenatal Yoga | 

Classes are designed to prepare our mothers-to-be for the carrying, labour and birthing journey… and beyond! Addressing the birthing process to build on body resilience during and after pregnancy. Classes allow for you to unwind with your growing baby. Suitable for all levels - no prior yoga experience needed. Come and have a cup of tea, rest, practice body strength, lengthening and mindfulness for the arrival of your baby and for when they are in your life.

Postnatal Yoga | Mamas & Bubbas | Yoga For Mamas | 

In postnatal exercise it is vital to offer a time for relaxation and more importantly recovery, in a period where there isn't much time for our new mums at all! We will involve your new bundle of joy in poses that include baby too, as well as baby massage. This is why we offer two different types of Postnatal classes for new mothers to attend… and not so new mothers as we all need support and an opportunity to rest and reconnect with ourselves as mothers.

Mamas & Bubbas |

Bubbas enjoy baby massage and Mamas get to rebuild their strength and yoga practice while opening, lengthening & breathing. Reconnecting with your self. For you. Suitable for all levels - no prior experience needed. Breastfeeding is very welcome. Classes are offered as a 75min. Postnatal mothers groups are welcome as this can be a nice way to come together and involve your baby. Childminding is also available for these classes if interested in care for your older bubba - bookings for childminding are essential.


Yoga For Mamas | Mamas Wellness. Gentle yoga flow with postnatal and restorative poses. This class offers a way of connecting with pelvic floor to enable rebuilding and strengthening in this area. This is an opportunity to release through the shoulders, start to build strength in abdominals but too… rest. Half of the class will be postures that will encourage deep rest and restoration particularly sequenced for the demands placed on mothers. Healing hot stones and tea is offered.


If there is a time that suits you to have a class, please enquire as your feedback will help to build the Little Things Yoga timetable.

Private or Duet classes are also available.


As babies get up on those little legs and run, and run around.... it is nice to offer them a space and a time, where they can slow down and breathe.

Teaching children from a young age how to exercise, focus, breathe and mediate can only bring good to all those surrounding these precious little ones.

Family Yoga | First Sunday each month | 

For children 3-7 years old and one or two of their parents or guardians to come join us on a fun adventure through storytelling, play, song… oh yeah and YOGA! Classes run for 45mins and teach children about breathing practices, mindfulness and yoga poses.

Family Yoga | Private Classes | 

This is a class that invites a family to practice yoga and engage in a weekly or fortnightly class together. Suggested for parents with pre-teens and teenagers. The class starts with a mini meditation and will always be breath focused. In broader terms we will use the breath to explore the body and familiarise the family as a whole with the concept of connecting the mind and the breath through movement and mindfulness. During the class there will be a flow or sequence of yoga poses that are suitable to how your bodies are feeling on that day or your sense of adventure. The class will end with some mindful meditation and relaxation. Please contact Little Things Yoga should you like to discuss further.

Mothers & Teen Daughters |

A low movement class for women with no prior yoga experience. This class is designed for Mothers and Teenage Daughters to learn a little yoga, meditation, mindfulness and movement. To connect with their own bodies and learn, while connecting and learning about each other. Contact Monique to commit to the 8 week term and note that cost is per pair attending.

Teen Yoga |

Offered in school term for 6 weeks | Structured for 14-17 years to encourage practicing and learning more about meditation and breathing practice. Classes are specifically targeted to practice mindfulness in exam situations as well as offer tools to draw from as they face the challenges of being a teen today. Please contact Little Things Yoga to enquire and register for the next 6 week term. A minimum of 6 students is required.


This style of yoga is sequenced with 5-8 poses that are held for a period of time; staying and sinking into the pose. For Little Things Yoga, Yin is about connecting with the centres of the body. Broadening across these centres enabling you to explore and create space to explore in the body. Holding in a pose lengthens the muscles, the fascia and allows for release while stimulating the meridians of the body and chi energies. Yin allows us to observe where we usually sit in our emotions and our energy and asks us to stand up, to then sit down at another seat we’ve never seen but always knew was there.


A restorative yoga sequence typically involved only five of six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest.

At Little Things Yoga our Restorative yoga classes include tea to soothe you into the class as well hot stones for everyone to have in their final resting pose of savasana, to sooth an ache or simply to settle you into a restful state.

Come to relax into a pose that will completely support you, without strain to restore your body, breath and mind. Each pose is demonstrated and then held with a guided meditation. The hardest part of the class is to not fall asleep!


The class focus is to hold space for you to have time for yourself, to clear your mind and calm your heart. Classes run for 75 minutes and invite persons of all ages and body-health conditions.

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