Naomi, Postpartum Doula, Mama of One

Womens Yoga Client and Yoga for Healthy Menstruation and Fertility Workshop

"Mon’s workshop taught me lessons I’ll hold for the rest of my life. I’d always been curious about the intersection of fertility and the moon and movement but found it all a bit overwhelming. Mon’s calm and clear teaching style opened my eyes and has transformed how I see my cycle on an ongoing basis. I feel so much more in tune with my body. And I use the tools she taught every month! Thank you, Mon, for sharing your wisdom." 

Carolyn, Category Retail Manager, Mama to Be

Private Client for Yoga Classes and for Yoga for Healthy Menstruation & Fertility Workshop

"I have had the pleasure of doing yoga with Mon on and off over the past 6 years. The best I ever felt was when we were practicing 3 times a week! Mon's passion for women's health and fertility shines through her workshop Yoga for Healthy Menstruation and Fertility. 

In the workshop I appreciated the level of detail and preparation Mon had put in to the notes, making it easy to refer back to areas of interest in my own time.

The combination of education and movement struck the right balance for me. I appreciated the intentions in particular as well as how open Mon was with her own experiences in the session. Mon's manner puts you immediately at ease and her passion for the topics covered lure you in to feel highly engaged. I was shocked at how quickly time passed!

I would highly recommend Mon's Yoga for Healthy Menstruation and Fertility Workshop for those wanting to better understand their own body as well as it's connection to the environment we live in."

Amy, Pregnancy Chiro, Mama of Two

Yoga for Healthy Menstruation Workshop

"I feel grounded, lighter, more connected to self and proud to be feminine!


I really enjoyed it and it was so lovely to give me the rest and nourishment my non-sleeping, breastfeeding mummy body and mind needed. Thank you Mon! I'm also looking forward to tuning in more - deeper, more connected more aware. Loved it!"

Mardi, Mama of Two

Yoga for Healthy Menstruation and Fertility Workshop

"This was one of the best workshops I’ve experienced. So cathartic on so many levels- mentally, emotionally and physically. Monique created and facilitated a safe space to learn, and be both vulnerable and empowered.


It was a great way to reconnect with myself, my body, my womanhood and my femininity. I’ve never been invited to think about and encouraged to connect with my menstrual cycle in such a unique and meaningful way. I learnt so much! 


Thanks so much Monique, you’re amazing at what you do."

Clara, Student

Yoga for Healthy Menstruation Workshop

"Thank you again for a thoroughly brilliant workshop on Sunday. I’ve been reading over the notes & doing my dynamic sequence and feeling so empowered by all these new insights. 

It was thoroughly informative - I love the information we were given, as well as the handouts with incredible yoga sequences, and pointers to further resources. Above and beyond. Overall, thank you so much Monique, you're doing an amazing job! I love your welcoming and enthusiastic teaching."

Rachel, Nurse, Mama of Two

Prenatal and Mamas & Bubbas Client. And Preparing Couples for Birth Workshop.

"I have been working with Monique of Little Things Yoga for some time now and could not speak more highly of her. I have done a range of classes with Monique and all of them were outstanding.

Little Things Yoga offers classes in an intimate space with a small group which allows for personalised attention and excellent opportunity for improvement in your practice. Monique's wholistic approach and bright positive nature means that you leave feeling rejuvenated in both body and mind. 

I started private classes with Monique to help me improve my yoga practice, help manage my stress and  alleviate muscular pain. These classes were fantastic and really helped me achieve all my aims. What I wasn't expecting was how much this practice and time with Moniquewould impact my state of mind in a very positive way.

I have also done prenatal yoga and practiced weekly with Monique right up until 40 weeks. These classes were invaluable in helping me to take time out of my busy schedule and connect with my baby and myself during the pregnancy. It was also key for maintaining and improving my flexibility and strength. Monique has outstanding expertise in this area and is excellent in ensuring the practice is tailored to your needs in the varying stages of pregnancy as well as the changes that can happen from week to week. During these classes I also met and made connections with other wonderful women in their pregnancy journey which was great for a first time mum like me. 

My husband and I also did a one on one session with Monique to prepare for the birth. This class enabled us to explore our feelings about the birth and possible challenges as well as some really practical advice and skills to help during the birthing process. We found the session extremely helpful and certainly used some of the stretches, massages and communication techniques that we learnt during the birth process. It also helped us to think of and discuss aspects in the lead up to the birth that we hadn't thought of or considered. 

With the new addition to the family I'm looking forward to trying out the mums and bubs yoga in the very near future!"  

Regan, Senior Marketing Manager, Mama of one

Prenatal Yoga Client

"Little Things Yoga Prenatal classes provided a space for me to connect with my baby during what was a stressful pregnancy. Monique ensured each pose provided my body with what it needed, adapting and modifying moves for my requirements. She has such a special talent for knowing how to soothe pregnant mammas."

Rachel, Director of Room For Movement Pilates Studio

Yoga Classes Client

“Every class at Little things Yoga is a like a retreat for the mind, body and soul. Monique has created a safe haven for movement where her caring and nurturing nature fill the space, and you can truly come to focus on yourself.”

Kharis, Endocrinologist, Mama of Two

Yoga Classes Client

"I have practised yoga with Monique Blackwell for a number of years now, attending both women’s yoga and post natal classes. Her gentle nature and clear guidance are the perfect combination leaving a feeling of calmness and strength at the end of each session. Monique has an interest in women’s health and wellbeing with a strong commitment to ongoing learning. She always provides up to date information and techniques with a personalised approach. I cannot recommend her more."

Jo, TV Producer, Mama of Three

Yoga Classes Client

"I am so happy to be attending a yoga studio that focuses on women's health. 
The classes have helped so much with my pelvic floor issues, and aches & pains post pregnancy. Monique offers such a wonderful range of classes from gentle to very challenging. After every class I feel I have truly done something good for myself! And the onsite childminding is a huge bonus"

Rachel, Communications Manager & Pilates Instructor, Mama of One

Yoga Classes Client

"I'd never thought yoga was for me, until I started practising with Monique. She has the ability to, even in a large class, tailor the experience for each individual, which for me is a great blend of strong, dynamic and restive poses.”

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